POPiN is a pay-as-you-go mobile fitness app that allows you to tailor your workout to your own schedule. POP IN to partner fitness facilities & gyms by scanning the app.

Workout. PopOut. No Commitment. All the benefits.

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"Gym memberships are expensive, especially if you don't use them regularly. But even if you do use your membership consistently, they often only apply to a select number of gyms that have limited hours, which means you may be forced to pay $50 for a one-time pass if you want to exercise after staying late at work or traveling."

"Many POPiN users may possess gym memberships, but this isn't a requirement to access the app. POPiN allows its users to find premium gyms nearby that accommodate an individual's schedule and wallet."

"POPiN launched in mid-July with four luxe New York City health clubs... These are bright, airy clubs with sleek retractable-roof pools, indoor basketball courts, jacuzzis, and spacious spas—the kind of places that can command $200-a-month memberships."

"POPiN, a new fitness app joining the likes of on-the-go friendly ClassPass and FitReserve, allows customers access to premium membership-only fitness clubs, paying only for the time they use, right down to the minute."

"An app that grants users access to members-only gyms but only for the time they use in them which really makes a lot of sense, available now."

"If you’re broke, you know that gym memberships are a problem. 46-percent of former gym members cite expenses as the number one reason why they stopped using their membership, and almost everyone is too busy to workout every day."