Q: What is POPiN?

A:  POPiN is the on demand, innovative flexible fitness solution. We are the easiest way for you to workout at a fitness facility. With our pay as you go mobile app, you can work out on your own time in any of our gym partner locations, and your charge will reflect the exact time you spent there by the minute.


Q: How do you use POPiN?

A:  Simply download our app and discover all of our partner locations. Once you arrive at the location, scan the code on the POPiN device located at the front desk with your phone to check in, and once you’re done with your workout repeat the process to check out. Your total, which will reflect the time you spent at the gym, will be billed to the card that you have set up on your account.


Q: What do I have access to?

A:  All POPiN users have access to the club’s amenities listed in the individual club pages within the app. Should there be a class with open spots available during your visit, feel free to drop in and participate. Depending on the facility, you may need to bring your own lock.


Q: Why does POPiN require a saved method of payment?

A:  Having a saved method of payment streamlines the check in and check out processes and ensures that you are only charged for your exact time spent at any of our partner fitness clubs.


Q: Why does POPiN require a profile picture?

A:  Our partner clubs require all users of their facilities to have clear photos associated with their identity. This is also to protect your account and ensure that any person checking in matches the photo on his or her account profile.


Q: How do the listed rates work?

A:  Each fitness club will have a per minute rate listed as well as a calculated subtotal of what an hour will cost you. Aside from the per minute rate charged for your time, there is a 4% tax applied to your subtotal.


Q: None of your current locations work for me, will you be getting more locations?

A:  Yes! Right now we are testing public and partner interest in NYC. The more users who visit our current locations and the more interest we garner, the more fitness club partners will join! Please help spread the word and before you know it, we’ll have a partner location near you! Feel free to contact us if you have a potential fitness club in mind.


Q: What gyms work with POPiN?

A:  To see a full list of our partner locations, please visit popin.nyc and locate the nearest gym on our map.


Q: How exactly does it work to scan in and out?

A:  The front desk at each of our locations will be equipped with an iPad, so when you’re ready to check in, just pull up the app, click on Check in and your phone’s camera will activate. Then scan the QR code on the iPad, and you’re good to go! When you’re ready to check out, just walk by the front desk again, click Check out on the app, and scan the QR code with your phone.


Q: What happens if I don’t have access to cell service and cannot check in?

A:  You can speak with the front desk employee of the club and ask for their Wifi password.


Q: Can I bring a guest to my workout?

A:  Yes, but the guest must also download the app and become a POPiN user!


Q: Is the timer affected if my phone dies during a workout after checking in?

A:  Yes, if your phone loses power during your workout please see the front desk to check out manually to ensure the most accurate check out process.


Q: What happens if I forget to check out or think I was overcharged?

A:  Our goal at POPiN is to make sure you are always getting your money’s worth. If you think the math doesn’t add up, or you did not check out, don’t fret. Just email support@popin.nyc, and we will clear up the issue as soon as we can.


Q: How do I provide feedback?

A:  We love feedback because it helps us improve to better serve you. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please email hello@popin.nyc.


Q: How is POPiN different from services like ClassPass and FitReserve?

A:  While ClassPass and FitReserve are both great services, they require contract and a membership fees. POPiN is an alternative solution and only charges you for the exact time you spend. There is no cancellation fee with POPiN because we do not require you to plan your workout schedule ahead of time; just walk in and workout at your own convenience.